Luca Chiandotto – Pianist


Noctuelles [Moths]

Alborada del gracioso [Alborada of a jester]

Oiseaux tristes [Sad birds]

SUITE MIROIRS (1905) Maurice Ravel

Une barque sur l’océan [A ship on the ocean]

La vallée des cloches [The valley of the bells]

The French composer evokes obsolete images for the program music environment: moths – nocturnal insects – instead of their diurnal “cousins”; introverted and passive birds; the majesty of the ocean as opposed to the sea. It can be said with certainty that a melancholy and sometimes-disturbing nuance is common to all.

Allegro energico (I)

Adagio mesto (III)

SONATA IN E♭ minor (1949) Samuel Barber

Allegro vivace e scherzoso (II)

Fuga. Allegro con spirito (IV)

Four years after the end of the Second World War, the atrocities of the latter still echo in this Sonata. Explosions of bombs, cannon shots and shots, screams of generals blind to compassion. Mother’s crying, excruciating pain, despair, in a masterpiece of polyphony and search for colors.

Largo e dolce (II)

Andante (I)

for flute and piano
Johann Sebastian Bach

Presto (III)

An endless dialogue, constantly complementing each other, in these marvellous melodies signed by Bach. Our mind gains breath and freedom by listening to this work with multiple layers of sounds.

MANTRA (1970) ~ Karlheinz Stockhausen

A work in which a mantra (i.e. the thematic material) resonates perpetually from beginning to end, but constantly varied: diminishing here, inversion there, and also in counterpoint with other versions of itself coexisting at the same time. Musical art is the ability to speak, through sounds, about the world we live in. Here is the universe itself. Whenever it occurs again, the mantra takes on a different light, at times playful, at other times lost in a Sea ​​of ​​fog; then we find it in a jazzy background, or even floating in the spatial calm, abruptly interrupted by an asteroid storm! Again, it has happend several times that it jams like a broken record, or that we hear it transform into humorous and witty rhythmic motifs. Irony is the last thing missing in this piece, after not all Stockhausen was a person who took and took himself seriously! All that remains… is to add that you will also hear the exotic and interesting sounds of woodblocks, ancient cymbals, and the suggestive sound of the piano distorted by the ring modulator: a breathtaking variety of timbres, and a… stellar atmosphere!

PIANO CONCERTO IN F minor ~ Fryderyk Chopin

One of the most famous romantic concerts, performed together with the Belgrade Symphony conducted by M ° Radan Jovanovic.

NAVIGATION: I. Maestoso 0.00; II. Larghetto 15.30; III. Allegro vivace 24.33